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Deep Tissue Massage 

Therapeutic Swedish Massage 

Deep pressure and slow strokes are used to release muscle tension and relieve pain in the body.


Swedish massage is a great way to reduce stress and experience whole body relaxation. Other benefits include increased circulation, increased lymph flow, and decreased muscle pain and soreness.

***Pricing will increase on June 1st 2024. 
     New Pricing 
     30 min - $55 
     60 min - $90 
     90 min - $120


Cupping Therapy Add On

Himalayan Salt Stone Add On

Cupping therapy is used to increase circulation and reduce pain. Some cups will remain in place for several minutes, especially on areas of pain or tension, and others will be incorporated into massage strokes.

Warm pink Himalayan salt stones are incorporated into the massage to reduce stress and tension in the body and soothe sore muscles. The stones are gently exfoliating, naturally antimicrobial, and promote a feeling of deep relaxation.

Swedish Therapeutic Massage

30 min- $50

60 min - $80

90 min - $110

Deep Tissue Massage 

30 min - $50

60 min - $80

90 min - $110

Add On Service- $10 

Hot Stone Add On

Dry Brushing Add On

Exfoliating gloves are used to dry brush the skin during the massage. This treatment is relaxing, stimulates lymphatic flow, and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Basalt stones are heated and incorporated into the massage strokes to reduce muscle tension and promote deep relaxation and grounding.

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